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Y* Collective is hosting Olivia Berggren @movewithease from Sweden for a half a day workshop!


This workshop will explore how to find and maintain inner support as well as freeing movement from the bottom up. You will learn how to unlock the breath, pelvis and spine. Whether you´re a dedicated yogi or an office hero, will you learn tools to be integrated in practice and life.

Considering the core as a stabilizer of the spine, we have more than a few muscle groups that do the job, -if we allow them to. Shallow breathing, tight pants and a sedentary lifestyle prevent the core from support us in life. Back pain and increased stress levels are just a few symptoms that can follow.

Movement, breath and body awareness can help us to gain resilience and strength over time. Pelvis and upper back position are essential for optimal core stability and a happy spine, as well as allowing for softness. We will move to find the sweet spots where we have the support and the space for a body-mind connection that helps us through challenges in life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a deeper understanding of those fundamental yet easily overlooked relations that will increase not only your strength but also overall health and life quality!

When:      September 19, 2020 16-21h

Location: HAR Studio, Urbanstr. 116, 10967, Berlin

Price:       53 EUR