Sonja Lairila

Yoga has been a set of ethical principles and a gate to mindful movement to me for years. Today, I could describe myself as an interdisciplinary movement enthusiast, Dynamic Mindfulness yoga teacher, and an equine wellbeing advocate. My background and passion with horses (and rest of the natural world) act as an inspiration source and a base for inquiry in the practice of yoga. After all, we are also creatures of the fascinating nature around us! I’m interested in the animality of humans and how movement translates to human and non-human interaction.


In my teaching, I invite students to seek their own expression of movement, emphasizing mindfulness, curiosity and play in a non-judgemental environment. My classes are a combination of mindful mobilizing, flow and sneaky strength without forgetting a dose of playfulness. I hope to bring you towards a movement experience that will guide you through your own mindful movement exploration.


Besides "yogic" explorations, I’m spending my time hanging out and dancing with horses, climbing trees, playing around in the parks of Berlin on a slackline, traveling after adventures, squatting at home, face buried in books or hands covered in dough while cleaning again another mess in the kitchen.



200 hrs Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher Training with Tatjana Mesar

Embodied Anatomy 2018 with Diana Thielen

Neuroscientific approach to yoga and movement 2019 with Erin Jade

Trauma-Training (Polyvagal Theory) 2019 with Stephen Porges & Sue Carter