• Y* Collective

Y* Collective

Our name is y*. You can pronounce it like why /wai/.


Because we believe in the importance of asking ourselves why do we do what we do, as teachers, but first of all as movement practitioners.

Why the asterisk*?

We use it as an indication of the additional information we aim to include in our practice as a means of empowerment. Knowledge is power! We hope to create a more inclusive and safer space for movement exploration.

Who is y*?

Y* is a collective of five curious humans - shout out to our girl Sonja in Finland - from different parts of the world that found each other in Berlin in 2018 looking for a non-dogmatic yoga practice. After our foundational teacher training in Dynamic Mindfulness with Tatjana Mesar in Berlin we founded y* Collective. We believe that yoga* is not just about that specific asana or physical posture, but about moment-to-moment experiences, biomechanically informed movements and movement awareness.

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