• Moran Shavit

Small choices Big impacts

How many times have you heard the cue “sustain” during a yoga class? It usually comes during the practice in those situations you might be feeling less comfortable at, that require capacity for continuous engagement. (oh, that chair pose!)

Sustainability in our era requires something similar from us humans; as a society and as individuals, towards our planet. A continuous engagement which at this point is crucial, even though it sometimes might not “feel comfortable”.

(a conversation earlier today with my 5 year old:

- please get me that drink with a straw!

- You can manage without a straw, you know it’s not good for the environment.

- but I like straws!

- )

Sustainability has that positive connotation of respect and good intentions but the term is also abused in different realms, where an action that looks "environmental", in fact, has little positive impact and de-facto continues the negative former habits (aka greenwashing).

Still, also the actions and choices we make as individuals, in our daily lives, have a big positive impact in the long run.

For instance, by taking more responsible and conscious choices regarding whatever we consume - from food to energy to clothes and services. (This could mean, also, marking out the providers who practice the above mentioned green washing).

Making our world more sustainable means also being more sustainable towards ourselves so we can have the capacity for holding this engagement.

When practicing yoga (or meditating) we try to become more aware; aware of our body, thoughts, and our surroundings.

And we practice acceptance and kindness to ourselves and others.

Awareness and kindness, that is aimed not only to yourself or your loved ones, but to everyone, everything on the planet.

Awareness and acceptance. Learning to accept both the things we can do and change and the things we cannot do or change; It’s part of being human.

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