• Moran Shavit

Raisin Meditation

Have you ever heard of or experienced the raisin meditation?

This exercise is an accessible way to practice the concept of a beginner’s mind and get in touch with all five senses. Doing it slowly and with full attention, turning any raisin to THE raisin..

The attention and awareness is aimed not only to the raisin itself but also to the sensations, thoughts and feelings that might come up. an integral part of the practice would then be to keep a non-judgmental, curious attitude towards them.

This specific practice is linked to Jon Kabat-Zinn and his MBSR (Mindfulness based stress reduction) program. It opens the opportunity for a sensory experience of being mindful and therefore bringing the immediacy of experience within reach.

The universe in a raisin. Investigating my raisin brought me laughter and wonder. Whether by holding it against the light and getting a glimpse of how it looks from within. Or by listening to the raisin while I was gently squeezing it between my fingers (giving me a hint of its moisture and activating my taste buds). Or by slowly inhaling its smell and noticing the memories it instantly evoked, of plates with nuts and dried fruits my dad would serve for guests. Doing the raisin meditation made me contemplate on my daily eating habits. The exercise ends with taking a moment to notice the sensations or flavors that were still left in the mouth after the raisin was already eaten. As if to acknowledge that the present moment contains also the echoes of what no longer is.

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