• Anna Varis

Mindfulness In Everyday Life

We live in a world full of stimuli. Modern technology enables us to be connected in a matter of seconds to friends across the globe. We may enjoy music, podcasts, series, movies and news with a click of a thumb as the first thing in the morning until we close our eyes in the night. 24/7 if we want we have entertainment - and distraction. It’s marvellous, yes. Is it also overwhelming? I would say so. May it lead us to get detached from things we do? Of getting the full experience of a certain moment? Mostly likely yes.

Sipping coffee and bombarding the morning brain with an endless stream of news from around the world? Watching a movie but checking our phone at the same time? Going for a walk, headphones always tucked deep inside our ears? Watching the sunrise through the lens of a camera to capture the moment? Having dinner while scrolling through Instagram? Engaging into a conversation with a dear friend only to wait impatiently until they finish so we can jump in to share our own experience? Maybe already thinking only it while our dear one is still sharing their worries or joys?

Many of us would recognise themselves. I do. I do all those things written above. But every once in a while I try. I try to drink my coffee really tasting it. Just drink it, not to do anything else. To go for a walk and really feel the action of my muscles as I walk. To feel the earth underneath and to hear the birds above. To enjoy the sunrise just with my bare eyes and to feel the warmth on my face. To really taste my food. To see the colours of the vegetables and to be curious of the diverse textures on my plate.

And if I may pick a favourite - to listen. To really, really listen to what someone I cherish wishes to share with me. Look at them. To notice the micro movements in the wrinkles around their eyes. Observe the tone of their voice as their story flows into my ears - without a need to interrupt or get distracted.

Sometimes it is a rough path. It is hard. We cannot be mindful of everything at the same time. But we may always try, fail and try again. And as our path goes on, notice how something more full and wonderful may unfold.

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