• Hannah Grosser

Express yourself in waves

If you have been practicing with Y* before you might have experienced us cueing “the wave”. We like to start building a posture from its base, its foundational elements up and from its inner qualities to its outer manifestation. Imagine it like a flower unfolding from a bud. It takes that flower time to come into full bloom and similarly it also takes us some time to unfold a posture into its full expression. Especially, if we are curious about the process, the growth and the experience of this unfolding, rather than just its final shape.

Let’s put it into practice with a simple example. I invite you to stand up for a moment. Take off your shoes and find a comfortable standing position. Start with softening and relaxing the body. Take a moment to settle into standing and allow your knee joints to gently bend. Release any tension that you do not need to maintain this position, for instance simply let your arms hang heavy and free next to your body, allow your belly to be round and soft, loosen your jaw. From here bend your knees a little bit deeper as you press the ground away through our feet. Notice the activating of the soft tissues of the deep core line in your body and the lift upward from the arches of your feet to the inner thighs, the psoas, lumbar spine all the way up to our head. You can repeat this movement a couple of times and investigate how both softening and grounding give momentum to energy moving up, like a wave travelling through your body as you transition into your mountain pose. There is a slight pull in and up from the psoas culminating in creating width and space in your upper body. After a couple of rounds sustain your mountain pose and invite more expansiveness and spaciousness, as you come into your full expression of this physical situation.

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