Moran Shavit


​My teaching journey is informed by Zen Buddhism teachings, Dynamic Mindfulness principles and body movement science. I like to create sequences that bring a flowing exploration of movement, with variations that support different effort levels.

My teaching incorporates shaking, bouncing, spiraling and waving through the class; all are absolutely fun and juicy movements that can support our well-being. The first step is showing up, with an open mind and curiosity. The rest will flow. ​

Yoga for me is an inspiring, heart opening and supporting companion. Even as a 15-year-old, when I was introduced to yoga, it was a blessing and something I knew I wish to keep it for life. It was both awakening the sportive little girl in me as well as paving the path to places of peace and grounding.

Even though during the years my regular practice had ups and downs I never felt losing touch with it. It was a home to return to, nourishing. The body remembers.

Other than yoga, I run around with my camera and take people’s portraits or run around in the Spielplatz with my little boy (the baby enjoys it too!).
I also like wandering, watching films and everything about the ocean.


200 hrs Dynamic Mindfulness Teacher Training with Tatjana Mesar

Embodied Anatomy with Diana Thielen 2018