Y* Collective

Our Story*

Our name is y*. You can pronounce it like why /wai/.


We are five humans from different parts of the world that came together at Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness in Berlin looking for a non-dogmatic yoga practice.


We wanted to put our own spin on yoga and as a group decided that five minds and bodies can create more than only one. Inspired by our training and shared interests we founded y* Collective.  So, here we are, wishing to share some goodness with you.


y* is yoga* that does not necessarily look like yoga - we wave, roll, kick, swing, relax, bounce, walk, drop and stand. And we aim to do it mindfully. In the end yoga* is not about that specific asana or posture, but about moment-to-moment experiences, biomechanically informed movements and movement awareness.


At y* we move and invite you to move with us. All you need is a body and a curious mind. Come and join for movement adventures with us!

One plus one is more than two, right?


What people say*

The teachers here are inclusive, well educated, open minded, full of humor and light, experimental and traditional and fun. I feel welcome, i feel well, I feel a spiritual connection and most of all, I really enjoy practicing with them. Yoga and movement and community.

Teal Louise George


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Sonja Lairila

Flughafenstr. 72, W60

12049 Berlin

Stnr: 16/410/01647

Claudia Stangarone

Scheiblerstr. 7

12437 Berlin

Stnr: 36/542/00305

Hannah Grosser

Gabriel-Max-Str. 18

10245 Berlin

Stnr: 14/319/03067

Moran Shavit
Körtestr. 21
10967 Berlin
Stnr: 14/532/08892

Anna-Maija Varis

Böckhstr. 3

10967 Berlin

Stnr: 14/569/06256